Confessions of a Fitness Junkie

I confess. I’m a fitness junkie.

Posted on: June 8, 2011

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(But, is that necessarily a bad thing?)

Welcome to my new blog!

Over the past year, I have become a fitness junkie. (You can read about how that happened by clicking the “about” link above.) More recently, I’ve been informing (torturing?) my friends and family with all of this new information I’ve gained as I’ve educated myself more about fitness, nutrition, and about living a healthier life in general. I’m sure many of them are sick of hearing me talk about things like the newest exercise I just tried, or how I’ve been reading that soy really isn’t all that good for you, so I thought I’d start this new blog to be my new way of sharing the new information I’ve come across.

You can look forward to lots of links to other articles and blogs on the ‘net, me sharing about how good (or bad) my latest training run went, or just talking about living a healthier life. I hope you enjoy reading it!

And to all of my family and friends that I’ve tortured the past few months…sorry about that. But, if you’re reading this, prepare to be tortured some more.


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