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Half-Marathon Training Update: Week 1

Posted on: June 27, 2011

 I began training for the half-version of the Columbus Marathon last week. I downloaded a training program from the Nike+ website and am going to try my best to stick to it, so that I feel as prepared as I can be when race-day arrives on October 16. To help me stay motivated and accountable, I am going to write a brief summary of each week’s training – progress made, how I felt about each run, etc., etc.

Here’s my update for week 1!

Monday, June 20
Distance: 4.37 miles (Training program schedule: 4 miles)
Time: 37:26
Pace: 8’34”
Thoughts: This run was ok. I did it early in the AM before work (6AM), outside, through the neighborhood. First run using my trail runners instead of my free runners. The free runners are completely shot at this point and causing me chronic shin/ankle pain.

Wednesday, June 22
Distance: 4.55 miles (Training program schedule: 4 miles)
Time: 40:05
Pace: 8’48”
Thoughts: Ran for time instead of distance. Again – just a so-so run. Ran in the AM (6AM), outside, through the neighborhood. Trail runners. Pace was a little slower – not sure why.

Saturday, June 25
Distance: 6 miles (Training program schedule: 6 miles)
Time: 55:41
Pace: 9’16”
Thoughts: This run was rough, for 2 reasons (I think): 1) I stayed up late the night before and got up earlier than normal for a Saturday. 2) I decided to go to the gym and lift (back/biceps) before running. I thought it would be ok, since I was only doing upper-body lifting, but I think that combined with the small amount of sleep I received wasn’t conducive for a good run. Ran outside through neighborhood (10:15-11:10AM), it wasn’t hot (about 69 degrees), but the sun was out with little/no cloud cover. In the trail runners again. Ran for distance rather than time due to low energy level. Intended on running negative split (9’30” pace for 4 miles; speed up to 8’45” for final 2 miles), but didn’t have the energy.

Overall thoughts
I felt like my first training week went ok. I was hoping to go a little further than 6 miles on Saturday, but that obviously didn’t happen.

What I learned this week
I run much better in the early AM.
I should not do any weight lifting before the longer runs (6 miles+) until I’m further into the program.
I miss my free runners.


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