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Half-Marathon Training Update: Week 2

Posted on: July 5, 2011

Rough week. Dealing with shin splints and blisters, I think both due to the shoes I’ve been running in.

Monday, June 27
Distance: 4.47 miles (Training program schedule: 4 miles)
Time: 40:05
Pace: 8’57”
Thoughts: This run was ok. Slow, but I think that was because I was on the treadmill. I did it in the evening after lifting (chest/triceps). Trail runners.

Wednesday, June 29
Distance: 4.16 miles (Training program schedule: 4 miles)
Time: 36:27
Pace: 8’58”
Thoughts: Ran for distance to re-calibrate the SportBand. Started out amazing, but got sluggish about halfway through. Ran in the AM (6AM), outside, through the neighborhood. Trail runners.

Friday, July 1
Distance: 4.18 miles (Training program schedule: 7 miles)
Time: 41:00
Pace: 9’43”
Thoughts: Tough run. Intended on running for a full 60 minutes, but only went 41 minutes and then power-walked 15 minutes. I’m getting very annoyed with the pain in my legs and ankles (shin splints), and the fact that my paces keep going down is not terribly encouraging. Since I didn’t get anywhere close to the scheduled 7 miles today, I’m going to re-do this week’s workout next week.

Overall thoughts
Getting discouraged. When I first started running 3x/week a few weeks ago, I was easily pacing myself at 8’30” without any pain. Now I’m up above a 9 minute mile pace, with lots of pain. I can only hope that buying new running shoes (hopefully this week!) will help me get back on track. Started doing some stretches and strengthening exercises specifically for the muscles that seem to be affected.

What I learned this week
I still need new shoes.
I run so much better outside – it isn’t even funny.
I also think the blisters I’m getting is due in part to my shoes, but I’m also apparently running incorrectly (pushing off with my toes rather than my whole foot?).
I’ve just really gotten discouraged this week.


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