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Half-Marathon Training Update: Jogging in Place

Posted on: July 18, 2011

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So, I took a week off from running to try to give my legs a rest. I thought I was ready to start the training program back-up this past week. Monday’s run felt pretty darn good (see below). Wednesday’s run was a bit of a struggle (also see below). Then, Thursday I ran a quick mile w/ my hubby and had a good bit of pain after. So, I guess I’m still on hiatus for a bit!

I went to FrontRunner this weekend to get fitted for new shoes. I tried on several traditional running shoes and a couple of other minimalist shoes. What did I learn from this experience?
1)I’ve been wearing the wrong size running shoe! Apparently, it’s recommended if you’re running 5+ miles you go up a 1/2 size due to the swelling/expansion which can occur in your feet when running longer distances. Which totally explains the blisters I’ve been getting on the tips of my toes!
2)The Nike Frees are still my favorite shoe. Even after trying on about a dozen other running shoes (and running in them – best part about getting shoes @ Frontrunner!), the Nike Frees felt best on my feet. And, the lap I did in the Frees was the least-painful of all the laps I did in the various shoes that day!
3)While Frontrunner is an amazing store with an amazing staff, if you’re looking for a wide selection of colors from your chosen shoe, they might not be the best place to shop. They only had the Nike Frees in my (new) size in some very off-the-wall colors. And, while I’m not too picky about what my running shoes look like (I definitely prefer function over fashion in this instance), these were just too over the top wild for me. When I inquired about another color option, they said they had one they could special order for me (which I did), but called me back on Sunday to say they couldn’t get any other color of Free afterall. So, as much as it hurt me to do so because Frontrunner was SO helpful, I ordered the Nike Frees online.

I have signed up for one of FrontRunner’s Good Form Running Training classes (though I couldn’t get in until August!). Hopefully the new shoes will help until the class (when they arrive!).

Monday, July 11

Distance: 4 miles (Training program schedule: 4 miles)
Time: 34:26
Pace: 8’43”
Thoughts: Run felt pretty good, despite completely wiping out around the 1/2 mile mark and ripping my elbow up (ouch!). I really concentrated on not starting out too fast at the start and paid attention to my form and the way my legs were feeling. For miles 2-4 I ran the first half of each mile at around 9’15” and then sped up for the 2nd half of each mile. Minimal shin pain at the end.

Wednesday, July 13
Distance: 4.1 miles (Training program schedule: 4 miles)
Time: 37:52
Pace: 9’13”
Thoughts: Felt good to start, then my shins/ankles started bothering me. Did ok during the run, but had a good bit of pain after. Slower pace.

Thursday, July 14
Distance: 1 mile (Quick cardio after strength training session with trainer.)
Time: 8:03
Pace: 8’03”
Thoughts: Fastest mile yet! Ran with hubby. Pretty painful on both shins, unfortunately.


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