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I saw angels at Saturday’s 5K…

Posted on: August 7, 2011

Wednesday night, as my husband and I were having dinner, we decided that we wanted to run a race this weekend. We looked online, and found one that sounded perfect – the Bull Run 5K, which benefited Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The coarse looked very cool, following a bike path along the Scioto River in downtown Columbus. I signed us up online, and hubby went to pick up our packets a couple of days later. We’ve been running quite a bit (except for my 2 week hiatus thanks to shin splints, but that’s another story), so we felt totally good about this.

We knew this race wasn’t going to be terribly big, so we planned on getting to the event about 30 minutes before it started. We arrived and made our way to the starting line to get warmed up. As the race start time got closer, we heard the announcement for runners to line up first, and “Team Triumph Captains and Angels” to line up behind the runners. I didn’t think much of this announcement until they went on to announce each team Captain and their Angels’ names. That caught my attention. But, the race was about to start, so I didn’t think about it too much.

Fast forward to mile 2…as I was running, I heard a loud yell – “On your left!” come from behind me. I thought that was interesting. I’d heard bicyclists yell out like that, but never runners. What came up behind me (and quickly passed me) was something that almost made me stop in my tracks. One of the Team Triumph Captains and their Angels passed me. The Captain was a disabled racer in a racing chair, assisted by their Angels – a team of 4 or 5 able-bodied racers helping the Captain to complete the race.

A flood of thoughts entered my brain. 1) What amazing shape must these Angels be in to be able to run (much faster than me!) while pushing another person. 2) What a selfless thing these Angels were doing. 3) I think I have a new goal for next summer. Although running 5K’s has become something I can do now on a regular basis, I’m still working on becoming an actual “runner.” Before I commit to helping someone else, I need to make sure I am in the best shape possible to do that.

So, next summer I hope to apply to be a Team Triumph Angel to help someone who could not normally experience an endurance event like a 5K. But, this summer, I’ll concentrate on getting myself in the best shape possible to do this.

For more information, you can visit Team Triumph’s website or Facebook page.

PS – And the icing on the cake? I had NO shin or ankle pain throughout the race, and I finished 3rd in my age group!


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Glad you had a good race and thanks for the positive comments about myTeam Triumph. We would love to have you be an Angel for our Chapter!! Our next race is the EAS 10 miler and 5k. on September 25th.

Thank you for posting this! I was a volunteer with myTeam Triumph for the Bull Run, and my son was one of the Angels. It is amazing to see how these kids immediately affect people who see them participate in a race. The Captains are so excited and grateful, and the Angels get back what they put into it ten-fold. The Heart of Ohio Chapter is very new and quickly growing — we hope to see you next summer!

I was at the race too! It was absolutely amazing!! I just started running… this was my second 5k. I started with the ‘runners’ but very quickly was passed by ALL of the captains and angels!! It was so neat to watch. 🙂 What a wonderful cause. And you’re right – the path was BEAUTIFUL!

Bull Run was our first experience with My Team Triumph. My daughter was one of the team captains. She LOVED every second of it! Thanks to cancer and a traumatic brain injury, she’ll never be able to “run” a race, but thanks to MTT she felt the wind in her hair, and the freedom of ‘running’. She says it’s the most fun she’s had in a long time. And I adore MTT for allowing her to experience that. Please do become an Angel, you will touch people’s lives in ways you can’t imagine…

Thank you for sharing your experience at the Bull Run and putting your feelings into words! I was at a birthday party last night and your blog became the subject of conversation, you too are touching lives. I just want to clear one thing up…you don’t need to be fast to be an Angel. Please don’t wait, we need Angels of all speeds. Without our Angels we can not make this happen, so please join us! We would love to have you.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

I want to echo the comments that you don’t have to be fast to be an Angel… just have a big heart. This program is about inclusion, not speed 🙂

So come spread you wings, and don’t worry about your earthly pace!

Ron Robb

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