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I also heart lifting…

Posted on: August 23, 2011

I came across this blog post on BlissTree today:

I Heart Powerlifting (And I’m Not Bulky Or Masculine)

I really love this post. I’ve talked to so many people lately, women AND men, who have asked what I do to stay in shape. When I mention lifting weights, many respond with something like, “Oh, I can’t do that. I don’t want to get bulky.” Really?! You ask me what I do to stay in shape and then dismiss my answer, when the example that it CAN work is standing right in front of you. Gee, thanks.

But really, I would never, EVER call myself a Powerlifter. I actually get a little scared when I have to do any lifting that requires a spotter. (Just ask my hubby.) Whenever possible, I try to stick with dumb bells, straight bars, and kettle bells. Every couple of weeks or so, we do venture over to the “big kids” area and do some true bench presses, front squats, etc. And, it is definitely empowering. If you know me, you know physically I’m a small person (I’m not talking about how much I weigh). The looks I get from some of the actual Powerlifters when I add weights to a bar can be…interesting. It makes me laugh.

Thanks to mass media, “buff” or “cut” females are now scrutinized and judged, and said to be “too fit.” Really, America? We’re a country obsessed with physical appearance, one-third of us is classified as “overweight,” and you’re going to judge a woman for being “too fit.” Get over it. Be thankful there are some people who want to be in shape, and help keep the USA from being 50% overweight. But, I digress.

I attribute my and my hubby’s fitness success to 3 things: 1) The fact that we’ve done this together 2) Being committed to NOT dieting, but rather changing portion sizes, food quality and just the way we eat on a regular basis and 3) Weight lifting.

Yes, my arm muscles are more visible than they were before, which has led to some goodhearted teasing and jeering from some of my friends. (I *hope* it’s goodhearted!) But, you know what? If I passed a stranger in a dark alley, I doubt they’d turn around and walk the other way. I’m proud of the fitness my hubby and I have accomplished and yes – it included weight lifting. You should try it, too.

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Thanks for linking to Blisstree, Mindy! I’m glad you liked the post, and glad that you stick to your guns (no pun intended) when it comes to weight training. Keep proving that weights are worth it!


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