Confessions of a Fitness Junkie

Marathon Training – Week of 8/15/11

Event training for: Columbus Half-Marathon
Event date: Sunday, October 16
Time until event: 8 weeks

Wanted to run 3 times this week, but life got a bit crazy, so I only made it out twice.

  • Friday, 8/19: 40 minute run outside; 4.47 miles; 9’00”
  • Sunday, 8/21: 30 minute run outside; 3.25 miles; 9’15”

Both of these runs felt great. I went to the Good Form Running clinic last Saturday – I hope to blog more about that experience this week. During Sunday’s run, I really concentrated on the points made during the clinic, especially my cadence. Taking shorter, faster strides really helped Sunday’s run feel almost effortless. Hopefully this means lots of good runs are in my future!


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