Confessions of a Fitness Junkie

Marathon Training – week of 8/8/2011

I’m officially re-starting my half-marathon training!

I’ve decided to use a training schedule I created based on my recent runs, paces, etc. using Runner’s World’s SmartCoach program.

This week, the schedule wanted me to run 3 times, for a weekly total of 7 miles (2+2+3).

Instead, I ran 2 times, for a weekly total of 7.96 miles:

  • Monday, 8/8: 30 minute run on treadmill; 3.27 miles; 9’07”
  • Sunday, 8/14: 42 minute run outside; 4.69 miles; 8’55”

I felt great after each of these runs. Very, very little ankle or shin pain – the new shoes seem to be the key! (I’m going to learn my lesson and purchase a new pair of running shoes well before these current ones run out.) I did get a small blister on one of my toes – I’m still not convinced my gait is the best. Luckily, I will be attending a Good Form Running clinic this Saturday.

I plan to stretch it out my runs a little better in future weeks and run 3 times instead of 2, though I will probably still run further than the schedule is suggesting.


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