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Amazing article – really good stuff here…Fit Bottomed Girls: 5 Tips to Get Out of Your Own Way and Lose Weight for Good.

Wow – I regularly eat 11 out of these 12 foods!…Women’s Health: 12 Foods for a Flat Belly

Some new, some old, all true…Shape Magazine: 8 Common Running Myths

I love it – No excuses!…FitSugar: Best Exercises for When You’re Not Feeling It

There are a number of these stories popping up. I am fascinated by them!…FitSugar: Weird Things That Happen When You Exercise

I totally believe in the power of a workout buddy. But, this could work, too…SparkPeople: Virtual Workout Partners


Two things inspired this post today…the first was the posting of the link to this article, courtesy of Urban Active and Yahoo! Health: 20 Habits that make you fat 
The second was a Facebook post by fitness smarty Jessica Smith: “Frightened and incredibly saddened over the amount of pro-eating disorders and dangerous diet blogs/social media out there… wish there was a way to help these girls!”

If you’ve read my About Me page, then you already know a bit about my exercise and weight loss “journey.” I loosely call it a “journey,” because I don’t feel like I’ve made so much progress as to qualify it as such. My weight loss/body fat percentage loss/inches lost numbers aren’t the most astounding in the world. (I think my hubby’s accomplishments – at 50 pounds lost now! – are much more impressive.) Adding more exercise to my life and decreasing my fast food intake hasn’t felt like that huge of a sacrifice.  (I guess I’m one of those crazy people that actually likes to go to the gym, so I don’t see it as much of a “sacrifice.”)

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I gotta get me some of this stuff!…Shape: Gym Equipment You Should be Using

Again with the weight lifiting! Though, I don’t know that I agree with her on the 20-minute thing…Fab Fit Fun: Avoid Common Workout Mistakes

Jelly Beans before a workout? Huh…Fitsugar: What to Eat Before Working Out

I’m a sucker for ice cream when it’s hot out, and I know for a fact that the Skinny Cow products are delicious (especially the Strawberry  Shortcake sandwiches!)…SparkPeople: Our Favorite Low-Calorie Ice Cream

I can personally attest to the fact that your body will burn muscle if you exercise on an empty stomach…New York Times Health blog: Does Exercising on an Empty Stomach  Burn More Fat?

I adore a good massage…Fit Bottomed Girls: How to get the most out of your massage

I do love peanut butter!…Shape: 10 Healthy Peanut Butter Recipes

This is some good advice…Runner’s World: Beware Fat Traps

“I don’t need no stinking gym!”…The Fit Stop and SparkPeople: 10 Gym-Free Workouts

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This seems to be a common theme here…Fit Bottomed Girls: The Secret Benefit of Strength Training

Everything you ever (never?) wanted to know about what happens to a runner’s body…Runner’s World: How Running Affects Your Body

I know there are days when I could use some energy…Prevention: 11 Fast Fixes for Instant Energy

If I’m not sore, then I probably didn’t work hard enough…FitSugar: Should You Exercise When You’re Sore?

Looking for a smoothie with not a lot of calories?…Runner’s World: Nutritious Smoothies for Runners

How do you measure up? (according to the American College of Sport Medicine)…BlissTree: Are You Exercising Enough?

I may be off to purchase some new running shoes this weekend…The Fit Stop: 4 Tips to Picking the Perfect Running Shoe

What’s your yoga style?…Shape: Yoga Style De-Coded

Great ab workout courtesy of Women’s Health.

I am declaring a running hiatus. Well, for a few days at least.

I’ve dealt with shin splints almost my whole life. At least since I started running on the track team in middle school in shoes that were terribly worn out and not intended for logging miles a day at track practice. (I remember the pain got so bad, I could barely walk out of the locker room after a practice. One of my friends had to get my mom to come in and help me out to the car.) Ever since then, if I’m not careful about how much I’m running, and what kind of shoes I’m running in, my shin splints will rear their ugly heads.

That time has come.

I really started training for the half-marathon in late May. That’s when I started to log the miles and use my oh-so-fancy SportBand and really keep track of my training. I’ve had my current running shoes (Nike Frees) since January, and was hoping I could make them last until the end of July. But, then the oh-so-familiar nagging pain – usually on the inside of the front of my leg, sometimes on the outside or in the ankle – began. Knowing my Frees were on their way out, I switched to my clunky, yet comfy, trail runners (Adidas). Wow – my legs did not like that. So, back to the worn out Frees I went.

I ran 4.18 miles last Friday with a lot of pain and effort. I decided to give myself the long weekend to recuperate, did some research on stretches for shin splints and exercises for strengthening the fronts of my legs, and get back to running last night. I started at a decent pace (treadmill), and really concentrated on my form, leaning forward and shortening my stride. And, I felt good. So, I increased my pace. Then, a little pain. So, I tried running on my toes for :30 intervals. That seemed to help, and I was able to keep a 8’40” pace.

Keeping the running to a minimum, I stopped after 25 minutes. Then, a lot of pain. Excruciating pain through my heels, backs of ankles and calves. But, it didn’t feel like injury pain, more like soft-tissue extreme soreness. I went home, iced both legs, and today I don’t have any pain. But, the pain right after the run last night was CRAZY. Almost need-someone-to-help-me-out-of-the-locker-room bad. It’s for that reason I am declaring a running hiatus, at least until next week. I have to let my legs heal, and also plan to get fitted for new shoes. Perhaps I will try to run on Sunday, but for now, I think I need to take it easy.

I still intend on running the half-marathon in October, but I think I will need to re-start my training in a couple of weeks. The whole reason for doing all of this running, lifting, exercising is to get my body healthy. If I injure myself beyond repair in the process – well, I guess that defeats the purpose. It makes me sad to take a step back, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

So – the half-marathon training updates are on-hold for now. Sorry. 😦

Anyone else suffer from shin splints? What have you found that helped prevent or get rid of them?

Well, my hairstylist says my hair loss (not a lot!) is probably stress-induced, but just in case, I may try eating some of these foods!…FitSugar: Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

OK – this story is enough to get me to the gym. What excuse do I have?…Blisstree: From Quadriplegic to Ironman

Do you run? Then you know what this is all about…FitSugar: Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t exercise…SparkPeople: 13 Ways to Cool Down Your Summer Workout

Luckily, my friends are the most supportive people in the world, so this was never an issue…Blisstree: When Changing Your Body Means Changing Your Friends

I’m sorry, but any woman who wants to slim down and tone up MUST do strength training. End. Of. Story…Blisstree:
Charlene Wittstock Won’t Lift Weights For Royal Wedding; Here’s Why Every Bride Needs Dumbbells

I’m always telling people that running isn’t just a physical task, but a mental one, too…Runners World: 10 Mental Trick to Run Better

Body Weight workouts: No equipment needed!…Women’s Health: No Props Workout

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All of these recipes sound SOOO good…FitSugar: 10 No-Bake Desserts

No joke – tracking your weight can mean ALL the difference…Spark People: Lose Twice the Weight by Tracking Your Food

No excuses allowed…Spark People: 7 Strength Training Excuses Busted

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Signs that you may be overdoing it at the gym…FitSugar: How Much Exercise is Too Much?

The stuff people never tell you about working out…FitSugar: The Unwanted Side Effects of Exercise

The culprits are revealed!…FitSugar: Top Foods That Make You Fat

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