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Thank goodness it’s the weekend! I’ve had a big week – resigned from my current job, starting a new job next week, putting my house on the market…but I still had time to go to the gym and also to find these links.

Hope you have a great weekend. I plan to relax a bit after the crazy week!

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I enjoyed these links this week – hopefully you will, too!
Have a great weekend!

Keep Reading for links from BlissTree, Jessica Smith, Shape, and More!

Two things inspired this post today…the first was the posting of the link to this article, courtesy of Urban Active and Yahoo! Health: 20 Habits that make you fat 
The second was a Facebook post by fitness smarty Jessica Smith: “Frightened and incredibly saddened over the amount of pro-eating disorders and dangerous diet blogs/social media out there… wish there was a way to help these girls!”

If you’ve read my About Me page, then you already know a bit about my exercise and weight loss “journey.” I loosely call it a “journey,” because I don’t feel like I’ve made so much progress as to qualify it as such. My weight loss/body fat percentage loss/inches lost numbers aren’t the most astounding in the world. (I think my hubby’s accomplishments – at 50 pounds lost now! – are much more impressive.) Adding more exercise to my life and decreasing my fast food intake hasn’t felt like that huge of a sacrifice.  (I guess I’m one of those crazy people that actually likes to go to the gym, so I don’t see it as much of a “sacrifice.”)

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